Friday, 27 September 2019


Wood floors come in a range of species -- every one of these with their own colours, textures and character.

The species generally used for flooring are classed as hardwood, as they are heavy, strong and stable. Before choosing your hardwood flooring, it's crucial to understand a little about the species you'll be using. We show the unique features of five of their most popular species to assist you make the ideal choice.


A blend of excellent qualities and value for money make Oak the number one species for timber flooring. With hundreds of species worldwide, Oak proceeds to remain on trend. And it's no wonder, given that the attractiveness, strength and durability of this wood. Both are renowned for their curled grain patterns and unique knotting. As a result, Oak is an excellent selection for classic, elegant layouts.


Much like Oak, Walnut is good value for money. However, when it comes to flooring, Walnut is marginally softer than Oak. An American hardwood, Walnut exudes luxury with its rich dark tones and feature knots. It includes more open grain markings that can be both straight and random, and is typically only available in fairly narrow boards. Like Oak, it may become more golden over time.


Native to Sweden, Denmark and Norway, Beech is a pale white and brown wood. It rarely has distinctive characteristics and contains a relatively straight grain, which makes it ideal for if a uniform appearance is necessary. It boasts the identical strength as Oak. As time passes, you can expect Beech flooring to turn marginally amber.


Cherry flooring has the same power as Walnut, but features warm red brown tones. The hot undertones make it ideal for creating a homely environment. Unlike Walnut, which lightens over the years, Cherry will darken over time and in regions of direct sunlight.


For a robust and flexible flooring alternative, Ash is the best option. It's quite like Oak in look, but about 10 percent more difficult, which gives it exceptional durability for areas of significant usage. With light to light brown tones, Ash flooring is perfect for bright, light and airy spaces. Its creamy tones may change into a sandy appearance with time. Ash includes a bold, right and appealing grain -- which may differ based upon the caliber.

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